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Have you taken care of yourself and your loved ones? I offer special packages for California residents of the most commonly used estate planning documents at very low rates. Included in each package is our exclusive Client Guide which provides you with the information you need to make appropriate choices. Each step is handled only by me, Philip Hoskins, working with you.

Now you can! For expert advice when creative or revising your will or estate plan, seek the assistance of a Los Angeles estate planning lawyer at the Law Office of Philip J. Hoskins. Call us today.

Did you know that even modest estates can require that your estate be put through an arduous probate process? That a probate of an estate consisting of a modest home and few other assets can take two years to complete at a cost of thousands of dollars? Did you know there are affordable alternatives?

I have developed the most cost-effective program to give you the benefit of attorney drafted, customized estate plans that can save you thousands of dollars. I accomplish this using the same document drafting techniques used by those charging up to five times as much as our fees. I am able to do this simply because of my commitment to provide high quality legal services at the most affordable prices around!

And if you choose to use a living trust, you will avoid the costly, time consuming, emotionally draining probate experience, saving your loved ones a great deal of time and money.

Estate Planning is as much about providing for your own life as it is about planning for what happens when you die.  Because we, as normal human beings, often postpone planning for our own disability or death, estate planning is, likewise, postponed. Sometimes this has disastrous affects.

As a way of making Estate Planning affordable and available to all, I have special flat-fee package offers for you. Each package comes with a Client Guide and easy to complete forms for you to complete so that I know what your desires are.

Included in the fee are as many meetings, telephone calls or e-mails as you may need to make your selections.  I want to make certain you get the documents you want and that you understand them. Also available on SKYPE by pre-arrangement.

All documents are custom drafted by me to suit your individual needs. Other online services use non-attorneys to prepare documents but I believe you deserve the individual attention of an experienced attorney.

Available Packages

Each Estate Planning Package includes at your option a Revocable Living Trust, a Will, a Health Care Directive, and a Durable Power of Attorney, Assignment to Trust and Certification of Trust.

The Couples Complete Package - for Married Couples, Unmarried couples or Domestic Partners -- including either two separate trusts or one joint trust and all above documents for each of you is only $1,295.00. A minimum payment of $600 is required.

The low price for the complete individual estate planning package is only $995.00. A minimum payment of $500 is required.

Additional optional fees which depend on your individual needs include a deed to transfer real property to your trust at $125 per deed and recording; if you wish to sign and notarize at my office there is a fee of $10 per notarization; and if you wish me to assist with the transfer of other assets it is at my hourly rate.

Call now for a free appointment to discuss these Special Offers in more detail by visiting our office (310) 209-8080 or get started online now.

  • Now you can order your estate planning documents online.

  • No office visit is needed but available when desired. 

  • As many phone calls, emails or visits as are needed to complete your documents.

  • All documents prepared by me personally, not by an assistant.

    How to get started

  1. Please make your payment of at least the deposit amount by clicking here
  2. Send an email to me requesting the latest portfolio of documents to read and complete.
  3. When I receive the information from you I will prepare drafts and send them to you by email to review.
  4. When all documents meet your satisfaction, you can arrange to come to my office to sign them or I will send you instructions on how to sign them on your own.

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